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The Day Birdsong will Turn Off

Passerines also called Songbirds account for more than half the earth’s birds population.

At this time, nearly half of the birds disappeared the last 40 years.

Passerines species declined considerably

A great work of observation in Canada’s Boreal Forest pointed out that we’re losing common species, everywhere in the world. Since persistent decline over the last 40 years.

In France, The Skylark (Alauda arvensis) about more than a third has disappeared yet.

Based on 20 billion birds, about Half die every year during migration periods.

On their migratory routes, from the breeding area to an appropriate wintering area for millennia, now they have to face more dangers, as deforestation, a new and urban landscape

Many people are worried about the consequences, as in Utica, New York State, where team of volunteers look after birds, they are so small and are subject to predators by night.

Did you know?

The little ones may travel vast distances, 1000 kilometres in a night!  so Impressive.

Causes of birds mortality

Regarding predators, it has been clearly reported that Cat predation caused 32 species disappearance. Uh!
In USA, a study pointed out also that the growing numbers of cats has increased a lot, as 80 millions domestic cats, about 30 to 40 abandoned cats… also reported that about 1.4 billion migratory birds died due to cat predation in Usa/Canada, in some parts of Europe as well. Incredible? but True!
But of course, and once more, Humans are mostly responsible, well, we are the crux of the problem…

Another major cause of birds mortality is about hunters. Indeed, In France, they killed between 500 000 and 1 million every year.
Sparrows, Larks, The Ortolan Bunting “Emberiza hortulana”, an endangered species traditionally, but illegally hunted in France. Nowadays, ONE Ortolon during the hunting season, since they also contribute to their disappearance.

More obstacles during migration

The landscapes they used to fly over have seriously been modified.

Many buildings with glass facades cause the death of several thousands migratory birds In Canada, Too many birds died due to huge frontal glass facades. In Canada, Scientists monitor 167 bird species populations, which 20 are endangered bird species.

Light pollution is very harmful to birds of which two-thirds fly at night, and constitutes a serious threat to migratory birds.

Fortunately, many people Rescue and ensure that migratory birds are maintained, protected, and conserved.
Thanks also to Birdcast programebird organizations that Record the birds we see, Keep track of bird lists, Explore dynamic maps and graphs,
Share sightings, join eBird community, Contribute to science and conservation.
Also thanks to Max Planck Institute for Ornithology with ICARUS;  “International Cooperation for animal Research Using Space”, is a global collaboration of animal scientists to establish a satellite based infrastructure for earth observation of small objects such as migratory birds, bats, or sea turtles…

Just a friendly reminder : in little more than 40 years, too many birds have disappeared, around half the world’s population.

We all have to take urgent action before we reach the “point of no return”.

because, before …

will Birdsongs soon be no more than a memory?
Thus one wonders “who” is next on list?

My conclusion is this:

It is about a falling…on the way down everybody keeps telling to reassure himself… : “So far, So Good…”  … “So far, So Good”… “So far, So Good”…  since, How we fail does not matter…  it is how we land! (j’me comprends!!)

Last, Hats Off to all ornithologists, witnesses, enthusiasts, researchers, observers, teams of volunteers everywhere in the world!

That’s All for now.

“So far, So Good…”
Thank you for reading. Enjoy a Perfect day…

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Vtg Ashtray Sets French Bistro Ads

Christmas New Year just around the corner. Hard To find French Vintage Advertising ashtrays, perfect for Holiday period as Gift Ideas.

A nice collection of Colorful vintage smoking Advertising ashtrays made in France, featuring the famous LOTO or Loterie National; National Lottery.

Also usually used as pickle dishes, storage trays!:).  Produced by St Clement and Gien Potteries.

More Infos and Product quote

Another selection of various vintage Ad ashtrays, in faience, in porcelain made in France. Beer Ads, Cognac, Cusenier liquor, the well known Byrrh, as aromatised wine-based apéritif, Eva fruit juice.

More Infos and Product quote

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Another mix of pretty of vintage Advertising ashtrays. Porcelain, ceramic, small Beer Fisher amber glass, blue glass for “Gitanes” cigarettes, Martini Opalex, very nice deep green “J&B whisky” ashtray & water jug, plus plastic platter included. Famous Suze in yellow/red,  porcelain by Orchies moulin des loups. French Red wine “Santa Rosa” Ads for the large straw yellow ceramic Horseshoe ashtray. And various Barware sets; bottle openers, vine corkscrews…

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Such another lovely collection of vintage smoking ashtrays in large, medium sizes and various shapes. Porcelain, ceramic, faience ashtrays made in France. Well known Brands as Ricard, Grant’s, St Raphael, Cognac Bisquit and Martel, Champagne Abel Lepitre, “Gauloises” cigarettes. Last, Perrier!:)

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large and quite scarce Vintage French smoking ad ashtrays. French Beer Kronenbourg ceramic wooden barrel motif, in toffee color, Guinness ashtray in black with golden accents, Vermouth white ceramic, William Lawson’s whiskey in vibrant green. last, a rare ceramic ashtray featuring:) a domestic dispute, as an advertising for Moulin des Loups housewares Company 🙂

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About ordering: all items pictured above are for sale, as a set or sold individuallyMore descriptions, condition, size, photos on Request.
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Other French vintage smoking ashtrays also available. Something above caught your eye? Contact us for details and more photos.

Coming Soon! showing up gorgeous & various Pitchers, Jugs …

We are here to Help! Please feel free to contact us.

That’s All for now! 🙂

Thank you for reading. Enjoy a perfect weekend! ❤️

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Cheese Deli Meats Wine Tasting

Cheese Deli Meats Wine Tasting at pentyofamelie

Welcome Autumn season. A good opportunity to sample specialties made of various yummy Cheeses, Mixed cold cuts, White or Red wines that pair with.

How about French Vintage Cheese serving plates, trays and platters?

More Infos and Product quote

More Infos and Product quote

Perfect with cooked pork meats, Mixed cold cuts…

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Breakfast Ready Please Help Yourself

french large cafe au lait bowls multicoloured

Good Morning! Wake up to a Gourmet French breakfast! Here is a fine selection of french vintage café au lait bowls. Gorgeous large, Medium, Small Coffee, Soup, Cereal, Hot Chocolate Bols, made of stoneware, Limoges porcelain, faience with a nice hand painted, transfer ware pattern…Plus other Nice Decorative Objects displayed.

I wake up around 6:30. After having a French petit déjeuner including Multifruit Juice, some seasonal fruits, bread or buckwheat cakes with homemade Raspberries Jam, a large cafe au lait bowl filled of coffee black though, and before getting on wordpress dashboard,I usually check if my neighbors; rabbits, chickens, hens, Birds need water or feed… Then, I have a walk with my Dear Wire Fox Terrier.

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As Collectors for many years, Flea markets enthusiasts, we have been adding many various vintage french coffee bowls to our own collection.

here is a glimpse of our finds:

Vtg Quimper Pottery Henriot HB Breakfast Collection

How about Quimper Potteries? Antique, Vintage Henriot, HB, Keraluc cafe au lait Personalized Breton Lug bowls, or “Parisian” Large Bols, also ideal for cereal, soup or ice cream serving. Typical Fleuri Royal, Petit Breton motif inside.

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Happy Hour Let’s have a Party

European French vintage Beer mugs, steins, tankards available upon request.

Fall is back. Back to school… Relax and enjoy your weekends with family and friends!

Happy Hour about to start…

How about Tankards, Mugs, Steins for Beer Drinkers?


Vtg Sadler English Beer Tankard Old Sailing Pattern

English beer stein tankard, yellow mustard coloured mug by sadler UK – featuring old sailing decor, pirates ship. H: 14,5 cm/ 5.7 in diameter: 10 cm/ 3.9 in very good condition. price: 29 € – shipping costs: 15€ – Note: make sure you read “Terms and Conditions”.


Vtg German Beer Lidded Stein Berlin Branderburger Tor

Tall beer stein Berlin Branderburger Tor. Berlin city, German countryside, eldelweiss decor. metal lidded, signed Gerz beautiful decor. H: 24.5 cm/9.8" diameter: 8.5 cm/ 3.3" quite Heavy. mint condition. price: 50€ – shipping costs: 24.20€ – Note: make sure you read "Terms and Conditions".


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and …


If you have any further questions, please contact us (in English language though!:))

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Many Beer steins available. Something above caught your eye? Contact us for details and more photos.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy a perfect weekend! and don’t forget to Rock’N’Roll… your way.  & yec’hed Mat 🙂