The History of The Automobile in France

French Auto Show DS CITROEN 1955

“when it is about automotive mechanics or about Electricity, there are no stupid questions!” by Michel


From Delicatessen Terroir products to Zoomorphic Paté Tureens signed Michel Caugant

"Quality is a race to the Top" by Michel Caugant

Popular Carnival Les Gras in Brittany France

Just No Limits...on that day! 🙂

Breton galettes were invented by The Duchess Anne de Bretagne

Part 1 : HISTORY Crêpe is derived from the Latin crispus meaning “curled”. Crêpes originated from Brittany, West region of France. Crêpes were originally called Galettes, meaning flat cakes. Around the 12th century, buckwheat ; Sarrasin was introduced in Brittany and came from Asia via the Crusaders during the 12th century. Buckwheat thrived on the … Continue reading Breton galettes were invented by The Duchess Anne de Bretagne

” Toute une époque!” … Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Welcome Le Dabe

Moi quand on m'en fait trop, je correctionne plus, je dynamite, je disperse, je ventile ! 😛

Quiz typically Frenchie

what Frenchies enjoy! 🙂

QUIMPER Faience Made of Fire and Earth

For over Three centuries, production of earthenware, Faience in Locmaria neighborhood located in Quimper, made known in all over the world the name of Brittany and Quimper

Cheese embodies History and Terroir and reflects the Frenchies

Vintage French Cheese Boards, Cheese plates Trays platters

France is the country that consumes the most cheese, that produces and exports the most Cheese too.

Miss Brittany contest, and the winner is Bélon Flat Oyster

Brittany Region remains so far the first French oyster region.

Paris Les Halles, the Perfect Food Market

what a Fabulous Food market place was les Halles de Paris.