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No Doubt You Rock The Blues Away

No Doubt You Rock The Blues Away

Everywhere he goes, no one can’t resist his charm, his powerful presence… and No Doubt You Rock The Blues Away Man!
Terrific Sky Blue Eyes of a wolf, a Blond Lion mane, well, a Magnetic presence, and a Rock’n’Roller in heart… yeah,  that’s the way it is.
As often said, “Legends never die”, French will go on to commune with him, for a long time to come.

Many frenchies claim: “He is our king of Rock’n’Roll in france”!

With almost 60 years’ career! so, Hats off Dude!!

Sure many people in France often laughted at him…  Whether they like it or not, this Great Personality is however about a Pure Heart, a True Soul, and ever devoted to his wide audience, as an inspirational and talented man who, in his stormy life, fought courageously for Staying Alive!!,  on many ways.

Chuck Berry: “You know sometimes I’m a rocker and sometimes I’m all a roller
I may go down sometimes but I come back to Rock’n’Roller …”

When he was a kid, or young teenager, he met Monsieur Maurice Chevalier!:)  Maurice gave him a good tip as follows:

“if you want to get anywhere in music, be sure to make a hit when you get on stage, also when it’s time to exit stage, as for the time between, just give your Best…”

Oh my! Sure he got it!! 🙂 till the end … even until his funeral worthy of a “King”!  as evidenced by this huge farewell last Saturday that was to be expected, since about one million paying last tribute to Him, as a whole day of devotion in Paris. “oh well, c’est du jamais vu!”.

He recorded about 1,000 songs, sold more than 110m discs, performed more than 100 live tours…

About 30 million spectators, more than 3200 concerts, about 696 performances at famous Parisian venues such as L’Olympia, Palais des Sports, Bercy, Zénith, Stade de France, Parc des Princes, and twice in front of the Eiffel tower.

Hey hey hey!  That says it all, am I right? 😛

He worked with biggest talents from uk, usa, France mainly. Well, to me, he remains a great singer, showman and actor!

we Hope his final days were characterised by a sense of inner well-being and restoring deep peaceful spiritual healing… and for sure, it must be! million Souls sending Him Sincere Love.

And no matter various music genres he and the band played all over the 58 past years. What matters is about last memory of his Eternal “Rock’n’Roll attitude”. In France, he is considered as “The Voice” 🙂

Not surprising that million people here and abroad Admire him, Love him… the same way the Rock’n’Roller truly loves his Audience as well. He rightly deserves such Recognition.

Many frenchies often confess that He is the one who was able,  on their own hard days to give them “ L’envie d’avoir envie” meaning  “give me the desire, the desire to feel desire” meaning to resist the trials of life, for staying alive! also the only one who was able “to light up their life!”  when listening to:

and I do understand them all!

Otherwise, That tells quite a lot about Frenchies state of mind… sometimes.

Finally what about his absolute Aim? the Aim of us all I suppose… just A Prayer of Love which may be summarized that way with “hymn of love” ; “l’hymne à l’amour” :

Alors Respect Monsieur Johnny Hallyday (Jean-Philippe Léo Smet), born 15 June 1943; died 6 December 2017. The French Rock’n’Roll attitude…

That’s all for now!

Thank you for reading, for sharing whenever possible…

Enjoy a perfect day! & We wish you and your family a restful and reflective festive season.

Bonnes fêtes à TOUS! 😉


johnny hallyday


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Hail Here Comes A Brave New World

Hail Here Comes A Brave New World

Today is another day. However, the time is now and we cannot wait another day. Hail Here Comes A Brave New World!

Those who are praying all around the world achieve more amazing work than those who are fighting, now, If everything in the world is going so wrong, that means there are likely to be facing more fights than prayers.  (D Cortes)

That’s a good point.
However, how about:

Those who are doing right all around the world achieve more amazing work than those who are wrecking efforts, now, If everything in the world is going so wrong, that means there are likely to be facing more huge setback than Right actions. (Me)

On my way to local market, I met Phil. “hi! Are you Still inshore fisherman?” Indeed he still is. “How are you doing?” ,  Phil: “So-so … part of catch of the day was directly thrown away in a big trash… But besides everything’s going fine, You Got it?”  ‘not sure, but I’m gonna try.

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Yves Saint Laurent Line Drawings

Yves Saint Laurent  “the greatest living French artist of this century” Andy Warhol

Over 40 years as a designer, Yves Saint Laurent revolutionised women’s fashion by borrowing items from the male wardrobe.

He made an impressive number of drawings… since childhood. here are below some hidden Drawings.

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The Day Birdsong will Turn Off

Songbirds are in danger

Passerines also called Songbirds account for more than half the earth’s birds population… until The Day Birdsong will Turn Off

At this time, nearly half of the birds disappeared the last 40 years.

Passerines species declined considerably

A great work of observation in Canada’s Boreal Forest pointed out that we’re losing common species, everywhere in the world. Since persistent decline over the last 40 years.

In France, The Skylark (Alauda arvensis) about more than a third has disappeared yet.

Based on 20 billion birds, about Half die every year during migration periods.

On their migratory routes, from the breeding area to an appropriate wintering area for millennia, now they have to face more dangers, as deforestation, a new and urban landscape

Many people are worried about the consequences, as in Utica, New York State, where team of volunteers look after birds, they are so small and are subject to predators by night.

Did you know?

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Vtg Ashtray Sets French Bistro Ads

Christmas New Year just around the corner. Hard To find Vtg Ashtray Sets French Bistro Ads. French Vintage Advertising ash trays, perfect for Holiday period Gift Ideas.

A nice collection of Colorful vintage smoking Advertising ashtrays made in France, featuring the famous LOTO or Loterie National; National Lottery.

Also usually used as pickle dishes, storage trays!:).  Produced by St Clement and Gien Potteries.

vintage Ads ashtrays made in France Product quote

Another selection of various vintage Ads ashtrays made in France. Beer Ads, Cognac, Cusenier liquor, the well known Byrrh, as aromatised wine-based apéritif, Eva fruit juice in faience, in porcelain.

More Infos and Ashtrays Product quote

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Cheese Deli Meats Wine Tasting

Cheese Deli Meats Wine Tasting at pentyofamelie

Welcome Autumn season. A good opportunity to sample specialties made of various yummy Cheeses, Mixed cold cuts, White or Red wines that pair with.

How about French Vintage Cheese serving plates, trays and platters? Cheese Deli Meats Wine Tasting 🙂

More Infos and Product quote

More Infos and Product quote

Perfect with cooked pork meats, Mixed cold cuts…

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Breakfast Ready Please Help Yourself

french large cafe au lait bowls multicoloured

Good Morning! Wake up to a Gourmet French breakfast! Here is a fine selection of french vintage café au lait bowls. so, Breakfast Ready Please Help Yourself! Gorgeous large, Medium, Small Coffee, Soup, Cereal, Hot Chocolate Bols, made of stoneware, Limoges porcelain, faience with a nice hand painted, transfer ware pattern…Plus other Nice Decorative Objects displayed.

I wake up around 6:30. After having a French petit déjeuner including Multifruit Juice, some seasonal fruits, bread or buckwheat cakes with homemade Raspberries Jam, a large cafe au lait bowl filled of coffee black though, then, I usually check if my nearest neighbors; rabbits, chickens, hens, Birds need water or feed… Then, I have a walk with my Dear Wire Fox Terrier.

Latest blog Posts 

As Collectors for many years, Flea markets enthusiasts, we have been adding many various french vintage coffee bowls to our own collection.

here is a glimpse of our finds:

Vtg Quimper Pottery Henriot HB Breakfast Collection

How about Quimper Potteries? Antique, Vintage Henriot, HB, Keraluc cafe au lait Personalized Breton Lug bowls, or “Parisian” Large Bols, also ideal for cereal, soup or ice cream serving. Typical Fleuri Royal, Petit Breton motif inside.

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