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vintage french bistro cocktail party, drinkware retro glassware

The right place for connecting people, we can observe this in french “bistrots” ; in Paris café, french bar, troquet, estaminets which are the common “names” in France…

What french people think and tell about their local bistro ?

here is an article written by a french reporter pointing out a basic philosophy about café, bistro interest for people in general:

” Heart of the popular public sphere where made and unmade reputations,Tavern, cafe and bistro welcome, for centuries, dreams and despair occasional tribunes of the speech “bar talk”. A Place where we chat, where we observe, where one expects her beloved or end the day, where we write or just a place where one is home to read, place where one becomes intoxicated liver or caffeinated exciting by “intravenous”, the boozer is the haven deceleration constantly overheated companies …(?)
In bistro we talk about everything and nothing. For a long time, and until the 1970s, the bistro or café is the place where national information flows. Today is, in the cafe of the village or neighborhood, place where we learn the gossip, well neighborhood life, village life…”

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To me, author is quite right,  but life in bistro is another turn too ! Bistro, café and other incredible names used and referring to “bar” in France… in rural area in particular, that particular place means a lot to us all,  and yes, this is a fabulous place where we meet such interesting people, whom with we can enjoy and share simply multiple life experiences, well over here.

antique french paris bistro post card

For instance, regarding getting a job ; yes getting a job is possible in a french bistro! this is even a popular behaviour developed for a while by many regular bar customers who learn fast  the “how to” … and some get a job getting “daily” ? at this friendly local social place. So,  sure it works and it doesn’t matter if job is a short period,  the essential is that they got a job thanks to folks they have met there!

As for friendship and  lovers ; sure, it is The right place to keep in touch with friends and spend a pleasant time especially if bistro is also dedicated to musical concerts periodically… but things change.Unfortunately, some french bistrots are about to disappear in rural area, due to many factors, as economical factor… but also due to a “naughty” frenchie habit 🙂 as getting too much “drunk” especially on Saturdays Night parties …

anyway, anyone has to keep in mind : “watch out, because breath test is around the corner…”  so that, usually, one mate in the band does not drink at all, to ensure driving back home anyone to be Safe.

vintage clocks bistro barware from France
french vintage clocks and barware collection bookshelf décor

French Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Barware

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Then, customers can’t smoke cigarettes anymore into bistrots for a while, it is forbidden in public areas ( good news to be honest !)

so, in conclusion more and more people enjoy staying at home sweet home, where they finally enjoy traditional French apero party,  cocktail party from their cozy place, alone sometimes or with friends and family…

vintage french bistro cocktail party, drinkware retro glassware
french vintage aperitif cocktail drinkware glassware

And…Late at night ? even earlier 🙂  French people often enjoy drinking Beer ; a french or a german taste most of the time :

Vintage French Pottery beer mugs, ceramic beer steins, beer glasses
French Pottery beer stoneware mugs, vintage beer steins

for all these reasons, many vintage french Bistrots, even recent bar goods are for sale!

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