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Vintage French Cafe au lait bowls

amazing collection of café au lait bowls direct from france

French Praise of Coffee : an excerpt of a french book dating from 18th 

”  If you want to live without trouble, Living healthy, Seven Days of the week,Take good coffee : It preserves you from disease, its virtue drive out, la Migraine and inflammation, Cold and melancholy.
Its strength is unrivaled, Against feeling sick ; The pineal gland finds its force from it ; When you put milk healed chest,
In the blood it will strengthen its circulation.
In the entire machine […] It opens up ideas For the most learned Authors And provides thoughts To the great preachers:
The fibers of the brain are awakened by it, And the memory has The traces of a Sermon, Much better printed  ” !
 I agree with this… with a Good coffee origin though! what’s your feeling?

A bit of History about the french café au lait : The French, quite quickly, added water, milk and Sugar: “The coffee, in the 18th century became the object of a veritable madness to the Court and in the city, nobles, bourgeois or craftsmen, everyone wanted a petit dejeuner, as a cup of coffee with milk. Gourmets used to put on the stove a pint of milk, once simmer, they mingled one shot of coffee powder and let boil for half an hour, stirring the mixture constantly. It was necessary then to let it rest and it is clearly drawing to ten or twelve hours. Then warmed in water bath at low fire, and they could drink it. ”

Indeed, they were very patient ! 🙂

Late 18th century, all classes of society were consuming latte : Most women of Paris, even those of the least classes easy, breakfast now with this fruit native of India, which was not known in France two hundred years ago, this taste won the countryside where farmers took coffee also.

And through early 19th century, someone wrote:

“The coffee mixed with milk became a food essential, even for the less wealthy.What man early riser who has not seen in the streets of Paris itinerant coffee merchant or stationary, and the working classes taking up their economic moka ? Are you running to the capital, your sense of smell savoring here and there exhaled the sweet smell of the coffee roaster limonadier or grocer. Tuck yourself at home, you are still fragrant incense when he spreads powder leaves the mill where it has just been crushed; either milk or cream water, coffee has become essential today for all classes of society.”

A  french cafe au lait bowl is still a must in France, starting the day having a decent petit déjeuner.

Surely,  a nice gift to anyone. Size, colors, patterns, material manufactured in the past make them Unique and Rare. Pay attention to hand-wash only coffee bowls, these bowls can’t be used into microwave too.

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Vintage Antique French cafe au lait bowls, Coffee Latte Bowls from France
café au lait bowls made in france

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various porcelain and ceramic french vintage coffee bowls made in France
eclectic collection of french vintage cafe au lait bowls

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