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Miss Brittany contest Winner is Bélon Flat Oyster

Brittany is a cultural region in the north-west of France and provides nearly 60,000 tons of oysters which is nearly 50% of the French oyster production.

Almost all of the flat oyster in France – 2,000 tons produced in Brittany, including the famous Belon (Huître plate de Bélon ; Ostrea edulis) oysters and Cancale; a High symbol of the local gastronomy. The Breton oyster, flat or hollow, besides its gastronomic value, is especially rich in elements which sustain good health. Oyster per 100 grams contains: 400% of the daily requirement in vitamin B12, 70% of the iodine and iron we need every day, 75% of vitamin A, 50% vitamin D etc … and this for only 70 calories per 100 grams. healthy diet, as well as being an excellent ingredient for high-class gastronomy Gourmets.

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In fact the flat oyster is the genuine oyster of France, since only the descendant of the prehistoric men, then Roman and Gallic gathered wild on our shores. And just before that these same Romans who were particularly fond of oysters only manage to develop culture,  without any success!

The famous Belon oysters can reach impressive dimensions, if we leave them grow in the rich coastal waters. “Pied de cheval” so-called “horse’s hoof” is a huge Belon which weight can vary from a few 200 grams to 500 grams. Bélon oysters are great taste because Its ripening gives it a delicate hazelnut taste!

It is very popular and mainly used by Gastronomy Breton chefs, like by many others Chef cook elsewhere in France.


Brittany North, from Mont Saint-Michel to Brest does Not produce natural seed,  that is to say small oysters right from the egg and fixed haphazardly on the walls of Other harvesting . Seed supply mainly provided from South Brittany, then from Marennes and Arcachon. The most famous flat certainly remains the “Cancale”, another star of the gastronomy from Brittany seas, whose annual production is around 1,000 tons.

The production of oyster In Brittany may vary depending of the weather. It can also decrease significantly as a result of exceptional circumstances or illness, as was the case in the past, plus due to oil tanker pollution!

Brittany remains so far the first French oyster region, as well as the most famous in gastronomy, with twice the production of North Normandy and North Sea regions, and second only to Marenne oyster as third.

The Kingdom of oyster parks provide the most prestigious Oyster aquaculture, or farming of France. In this way, the Aven-Belon, the Paimpol or the Cancale oysters are just as famous as the most prestigious classified Bordeaux Grands Crus, thus, recognized as a jewel of French gastronomy too, for years.

Typical Breton forms of oyster crates

Regarding us, The harvest of oysters starts towards at the end of December until June more or less. We know a place where are growing yummy hollow Oysters, that we can pick up on our own, and sure, we enjoy them a lot! including our little miss foxie:)

miss foxie tasting breton oysters

Many French Oyster Bar restaurants feature Breton Oysters on their menus, various Seafood speciality platters, served with a fine Muscadet wine.

Bonne dégustation! Enjoy the tasting!

Brittany Belon Oysters
Miss Brittany contest, and the winner is Bélon Flat Oyster

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  1. bonsoir François:) et Merci pour l’intérêt porté à l’article publié!:) ça fait plaisir de la part d’un compatriote;-)
    Many Thanks too François!

  2. hello JD:) so Pleased you all enjoyed article, so, Come and Taste the fine Oysters made in Brittany:) Merci!

  3. Oh, how I LOVE oysters! Your article has my mouth watering for a plateful! Served on one of your vintage oyster plates, of course! A very tasty article!

  4. Hello Mrs.A. 🙂 I teally enjoy your nice comment too! and you know what?:) I never ate one “pied de cheval” or Horse’s Hoof! but maybe one of these days, in a famous gastronomy Restaurant based in Brittany or elsewhere in France… one of these days!:)

  5. you are Welcome Molly:) as for oyster plates and platters:), most of Breton people do not use them for seafood serving, they mainly prefer to hang them on the wall!:), to me, that is a good decor idea too. Merci.

  6. I never realized there was such a thing as an oyster plate and I grew up in Florida. Where have I been? I love the photos in your post.

  7. Hello Wanda:) be reassured, many people think that way too, just at first sight!:-) but once you get to swallow a fleshy oyster, iodized and crunchy with hazelnut, oh my!:) you always want more then;-), just give it a try and tell me back.Thank you for reading:)

  8. I’ve always loved oyster plates. Such pretty patterns out there. But the thought of eating an oyster makes me want to throw up. LOL I had no idea they were such a big part of French cuisine!

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