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Cheese History Terroir French Customers


France is the country that consumes the most cheese, that produces and exports the most Cheese too. Cheese History Terroir French Customers.

Nowadays, many French bistrots are dedicated to this pillar of gastronomy, and their owners suggest all the dishes on the menu based on various Cheese Origins. Another original approach to meet the needs of a new generation of customers.

Yummy display of Finest cheeses

Did you know?

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1 600 various cheeses! Charles De Gaulle himself called France : The country of the 300 cheeses, but it was quite some time ago, right?:)

That means, Every year, thousands of people consume around 26 kilos of fromage per person which represents the world’s largest Cheese consumption.

Indeed, France offers a rich and varied range of cheeses! Cheese History Terroir in France.

French Cheese Terroir

The Best one?

According to a recent study, so far, Camembert is one of the most famous cheeses in the world, and naturally the most appreciated in France. (oh! wait a minute:), I personally do prefer Goat and sheep cheeses!).

On average France produces 2 million tonnes of cheese per year and an average of 35 % are consumed out of France, despite refusal of several countries to import French cheese, due to cheese made with raw milk. They had attempted to make imports of French cheeses made from raw milk subject to stringent hygiene regulations… well, to each his own!:)

Fromages of Normandy, enjoy a unique experience!:)

How to match your cheese and wine?

Cheese platter is often accompanied by a red wine, but according to “Specialists”, that is not always the perfect match. Contrary to popular belief, in most cases white wines are better adapted to cheese than red wines.

That is true with Blue cheese and goat 🙂

However Beaujolais and the Côtes du Rhône red wines match quite well with most of Cheese variety.

Wine and cheese


Cheese is often referred to  high calory and fat!

So Right! However, cheese offers essential nutrients, such protein, calcium, and phosphorus.

The idea is: benefit of a moderate consumption! 🙂

What about Cheese seasonality?

As do fruits and vegetables, seasonal availability is also observed. Brie, Gruyere and Roquefort’s  Taste flavor and aromas varies seasonally.

Spring: considered as a great season, the animals graze on natural pasture, spring is considered as the Goat season.

Summer: the best period for Camemberts, Saint-Nectaire plenty of flavor, rich of aromas.

Autumn: perfect for blue cheese, goats and many others thanks to maturation cheese.

Winter: Depending of the lenght of maturing periods, Semi-hard and Hard cheese as Emmental, Comté, Beaufort, Cantal, Tome are priviligied, winter is not really the right season according to some “experts’ taste”.

Bread and Cheese platter from France Terroir
cheese market dairy shop










In France, many producers have issued regulations on the use of the AOC designation and defined the production areas as well as the authorized blends.

The French protect the trade names of their cheeses and any other country elsewhere in the world would like to do the same.

Our neighbouring countries produce also fabulous cheese from Great Terroir Origin.  France has not a monopoly on Cheeses Terroirs. Let that be clearly noted and understood 🙂


French porcelain platter and assorted plates Cheese terroir map
What about Cheese serving plates, platters availability?

a wide range of Cheese boards, cheese serving plates, trays and platters are still available.

Cheese Plates and Boards Product quote

here are below a few Cheese boards, serving plates, trays and platters available in Shop or on request.


French Cheese Board Pink Vallauris, ceramic plate Floral design, Handpainted Wall Art Hanging Platefrench-cheese-board-majolica-vallauris-ceramic-plate-wicker-straw-red-poppy-decor


poet-laval-cheese-platter-colorful-orange-floral-brown-ceramic-handled-tray-wall-hanging-plate vintage-ceramic-cheese-board-large-brown-plate-round-serving-platter-wooden-handle















Whole grain bread accompanies marvelously many Cheeses.

For some time, more and more French people would eat cheese at breakfast and it is considered as healthy eating habits. I do agree, but to me, preferably during winter though.

Enjoy some of our Finest Cheeses Made in France.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading, for Sharing our blog.

& Enjoy a perfect Day!

Cheese plates and Platters Products quote


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