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Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome Le Dabe

Once upon a Time … The Michel Audiard Style!

“Toute une époque…”

oh! Le Dabe means The Boss.

Michel Audiard was born in Paris, he was an Excellent, Awesome French screenwriter and film director. (1920-1985)

michel audiard

Cycling was one of his passion and he was also an avid reader of the best known authors of French Literature as Emile Zola et Honoré de Balzac.

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Late 40s, he joined a Newspaper where he became a film reviewer. He was offered to write several scripts, some lively and hard hitting dialogues which hits quickly the target! Indeed, I also do consider that Michel Audiard is all about a work of art!  words, expressions and language he wrote and spoke all along his life.

Michel Audiard Style was born

A clever mix of popular language from street, Paris Bistros…  and of his own literary culture is the consecration of his immense talent.

He Truly Loved people, he enjoyed a lot to get to know people everywhere he went; while sitting on a bench, walking in the street, sitting at a bar in a Paris Bistro…Sure, People is Right and do Recognize Monsieur Audiard as a Mate! As proof, “Funtastic” language the characters are speaking through all movies he collaborated to,  which does still Amaze any viewers of films, still nowadays!

He was one-of-a-kind director, author, screenwriter, dialog writer of his time

Through 50s and 60s, the scenarist was very popular on screens, he usually signed his name or a nickname all films he wrote dialogues.

Comedy and crime movies perfectly served his areas of interests and skills, for a large audience greatest Hope! 🙂

At the same time, He met another great Director writer as Gilles Grangier. This was to be a decisive meeting!

They will collaborate together on 17 films.

Archimède le clochard (1959)

Les Vieux de la vieille (1960)

Le Cave se rebiffe (1961)

Un Singe en hiver (1962)

Les Tontons flingueurs (1963)

Les Barbouzes, Cent mille dollars au soleil (1964)

and some others!:)

Below several Films Posters of movies he collaborated to :

poisson-davril    melodie-en-sous-sol    maigret-l'affaire-st-fiacre  les-vieux-de-la-vieille  les-miserables les-barbouzes le-president le-passe-muraille le-pacha le-cave-se-rebiffe le-baron-de-lecluse garde-a-vue michel audiard movies

here are below some Precious expressions from Michel Audiard,  that I have to translate, and it was not easy at all, because these are metaphorical expressions, anyway, let’s give a try though 😉

Whenever a guy weighs 130 kilos tells you something, sorry to tell but the guy who simply weighs 60 kilos just has to Listen with great attention! 

Imagine the day where Idiots will be put into orbit, then sure, you are about to orbit over and over!

Referring to a Holdup:

Question: How much money we gain? Answer: 20 years in jail, sure Benefit is easy to divide but Reclusion is equally cumulated!

whenever his gun barrel is deeply pressed into your mouth, Then you are just only able to pronounce vowels! 🙂

May the Fools be Happy, as they enable Light to pass through!

about Justice:

Justice is like The Blessed Virgin Mary, if not enable to See Her from time to time, so doubt is inevitable! 

As I had a quite long way, dating with dog-eat-dog world, sure, I finally learnt about biting! 

about Piano:

Piano is the Diatonic accordion of Rich people!

about Retirement:

To be sure Reaching retirement, ‘better receive pension earlier in life, much better to get pension while alive! ‘coz many can’t afford receiving pension while alive! 🙂

about couple in life:

12 years along sleeping together, but 12 years dreaming apart! :

Yes I know ! Beer makes me fat, Yes I know:) I should give up! but, I finally gave up on appearance! 

there are so many others …

Michel Audiard had also to face detractors from the ” inner circle” of french Cinema, during a period when a few reporters announced, proclaimed what they named: “la nouvelle vague” on 50/60s, and he was forced to reply something like: ” New Wave is dead! if you look closely:) it was mostly about a “wave” but not “New”…”

On the crest of his popularity, well much deserved, he became a director by late 60’s.

During 70s, the tragic loss of his son caused him to stop in making films. Michel Audiard was a book writer too, and wrote : “La nuit, le jour et toutes les autres nuits” mostly dedicated to his missing son. he was very intrigued with death. He told on a TV Cultural program : “death is something serious, that is the only sure thing in a man’s life…” Sure, it is. After the loss of his son, he got back to write other Dialogs for movies starring in particular the Great 🙂 Jean Paul Belmondo (called Bébel) in : L’ Incorrigible, Le Corps de mon ennemi (1975), L’ Animal (1977), Flic ou voyou (1978) Le Guignolo (1980) ou Le Professionnel (1981)

Early 80’s, he also collaborated with a talented director as Claude Miller, at that time, his dialogs did tend to be more “gloomy” but so touching and Bright in  Garde à vue (1981) and Mortelle randonnée (1983)

His last script was about a pretty nice movie:  La Cage aux folles III directed by Georges Lautner.

Michel Audiard passed away on 1985. He collaborated to more than 110 films! Chapeau l’Artiste! so Hats off to Môssieur Audiard.

Un Grand Merci Cher Monsieur pour tous les Purs moments de Bonheur grâce à vos Films.

Thank you so much Dear Monsieur for precious times and Happiness I’m feeling when I’m watching your movies on TV.

that’s all for now!

Thank you for reading and sharing whenever possible. Enjoy a great day All! ❤️


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