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Quimper Pottery Henriot Wares Wall Decor

Henriot Quimper Pottery, Enjoy Henriot, Mistral Blue, Soleil Yellow, Fleuri Royal, Campagne beautiful french pieces in your Quimper Decors.

Quimper Pottery Henriot Wares Wall Decor in Brittany France. such a lovely City! Any Quimper Henriot Wares pieces are fully hand painted, Nice Hand Decorated Folk Art Pottery. In stock, a wonderful addition to your dinner table, your Kitchen Home decor,  as enhanced with Wall decor Plates…

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A largest collection of Quimper Pottery HB Henriot, Breton Major Artists who collaborated with Quimper factories is available.

Another interesting French Art Pottery named Malicorne is available on request.

More coming soon in Shop!

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