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Gien Faience Dinnerware Set Striped 60s

Gien manufacturers have nothing to envy of the factories of Creil-Monterau, Longwy, Sarreguemines …

since employing talented ornamental painters, unique pieces were created. Gien Faience dinnerware, a French charm with originality.

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Just a great look for this Dinnerware Set, including dinner plates, Soup plates, serving platters, Soup Tureens, dessert plates, Oval dishes, Salad Bowl… in Cream colour on background with Pink Stripes on edge. Gorgeous Tiny flowers in center.

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Famous Gien Pottery made in France. pink stripes collection
Gien dinnerware set available. One piece in particular caught your eye? Contact us for details


Gien France Large Ceramic Plate with Pink Stripes

late 1960s, vintage ceramic plate by Gien France. Large serving plattee. french country kitchen style, red pink stripes on edge, creamy colored background, Tiny floral motif in center. - measurements: diam: 29 cm/ 11" - H: 3.5 cm/ 1.4" - weight : 788 grams very good condition. - price: 57€ – shipping costs: 24.20€ – condition: very good condition. – Note: make sure you read “Terms and Conditions”.


Gien Large Soup Tureen Cream with Pink Stripes

1960s Large french soupiere, soup tureen produced by Gien ceramics France, splendid, unusual covered bowl. french country kitchen style, tiny flowers motif in center enhanced with pink stripes, creamy colour background. – measurements: – H: 18 cm/ 7.1″ with cover - diam: 25 cm/ 9.8″ without handles – weight : 2100 grams - price: 87€ – shipping costs: 35.33€ – condition: very good condition. – Note: make sure you read “Terms and Conditions”.


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