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Arctomys French Tour Dates Cancelled

Marmots Rap band on Tour

Arctomys French Tour Dates Cancelled

Cancel 2017 Tour Dates Due To …

and the Bands played on

Oh my!

Here are some Bands 😉 we also enjoy a lot over here.

They simply brightened! our evenings for about two following years. Yes they did!… No matter what they play, what they dance, each popular Musical style they play is so sweet.

No matter either Classical, Rasta Reggae, or Peruvian, Beatles hair style, or Gypsy style, Mexican Mariachi, Vahine Tahiti dance, Daft Punk or Rap Music, Hard Rock musical style… Lovely Groundhog

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They ROCK!!!

Thanks to “Dream On” Agency, and their talented Creators. Those fabulous idents appeared on screen for the public channel Fr 3, two following years, by summer and holiday seasons.

As a Friendly animal, and as a bit influenced by the awesome “Groundhog Day” movie 😉 creators adopted Marmots.

They asked “Mikros Image” post-production company to model and  texture these Nice “MarmoToons”. They just did…very Well 🙂

Did you know? ;-P

France 3 TV mail service received many Mail letters from a large audience, a few people asking whether Marmots were “well treated”, well cared!

Oh my! roflol  & Truly Love this…


Now the idea is that We ALL miss Our “Marmotoons” 😉

Marmots Rasta Reggae Band French TV ident

I must admit I usually don’t watch TV, except for some Good movies, but! During summer & holiday season, We had a daily appointment with those Lovelies, Sweeties, Gorgeous groundhog…  And it was worth of it!

Marmots Hard Rock Band French TV ident
my Favourite Band I confess…

“Siouplait”!  Please Give us back our Marmots! Keep Them Alive! Just because they make us feel good… we Love Them All.

Additional note on december 2017: Lovelies are BACK!!!  yeaaaahhh! ❤️

and marmots really performed Live!  Mmmm ;-P

That’s all for now!:)

Thank you for reading and sharing whenever possible. Enjoy a great day All & don’t forget to Rock’n’Roll! …your way:-)