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Cheese Deli Meats Wine Tasting

Cheese Deli Meats Wine Tasting at pentyofamelie

Welcome Autumn season. A good opportunity to sample specialties made of various yummy Cheeses, Mixed cold cuts, White or Red wines that pair with.

How about French Vintage Cheese serving plates, trays and platters? Cheese Deli Meats Wine Tasting 🙂

More Infos and Product quote

More Infos and Product quote

Perfect with cooked pork meats, Mixed cold cuts…

How about these Sausage Salami Porcelain majolica Pig shaped trays, Foie Gras Duck tray, stoneware Cow Butter covered dish, ceramic Snail Escargot Holder with Picks.

last, a selection of Vintage French ceramic Wine Pitchers, stemmed glasses, wine serving set, bottle openers and vine corkscrews.

More Infos and Product quote

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Please NOTE: Due to peak activity times during Holiday season;
Residents Outside Europe, any orders placed after November 30th will be shipped on (January 2, 2018).

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