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Hail Here Comes A Brave New World

Hail Here Comes A Brave New World

Today is another day. However, the time is now and we cannot wait another day. Hail Here Comes A Brave New World!

Those who are praying all around the world achieve more amazing work than those who are fighting, now, If everything in the world is going so wrong, that means there are likely to be facing more fights than prayers.  (D Cortes)

That’s a good point.
However, how about:

Those who are doing right all around the world achieve more amazing work than those who are wrecking efforts, now, If everything in the world is going so wrong, that means there are likely to be facing more huge setback than Right actions. (Me)

On my way to local market, I met Phil. “hi! Are you Still inshore fisherman?” Indeed he still is. “How are you doing?” ,  Phil: “So-so … part of catch of the day was directly thrown away in a big trash… But besides everything’s going fine, You Got it?”  ‘not sure, but I’m gonna try.

I ever admired fishermen who go about their daily business under the most impossible and most difficult conditions.
Indeed, some time ago, local fishermen catching lots of various fish species had, have not the opportunity to freely choose the harbour they want to land their catches in and to freely choose the auction where they want to sell those catches. On arrival at the different wholesale fish markets, each day, fish was sold or NOT for some, since prices fluctuate a lot according to daily supply and demand. Depending also on quota level for a given species, some fishes cannot be sold.  Phil  often noticed that many fishes were simply thrown away in trash… and even worse, no one was allowed to pick up unwanted fish. Some wholesale market leaders then had the ignominious act to cover fishes by adding bleach… what? adding bleach??

Fish auction halls, of the fish supplied, 90% is registered and traded via fish auctions now.

Fortunately, some “good Souls” reacted,  since they knew what had to be done in order to come up with a fair and equitable solution by collecting unsold fish, by installing Fish Processing plants in various harbours areas. Last and not least, finish products are  given to local Charity associations.

“Chantons”, let’s sing along together: “il était un petit navire …qui n’avait ja ja jamais navigué qui …”

On my way to the beach going for a walk, I met Pol. “Hi! What’s up?” Pol : “Oh! So-so… early morning again, I had to pick up and take out dead piglets, situation occurs several times a month… and I got to see things I should have never seen, like pigs and sows showing jaws deformities, abnormal outgrowth on head, on body… damn, F… it! … To me, it was just about a summer job, I’m 23’ … all this stinks, “smells of death” over there, I feel like getting sick and I can’t bear it anymore! and those who know will not tell about breeding conditions! But besides everything’s going fine,  You got it?”  … ‘not sure, but I’m gonna try.

Pigs bred and raised in factory farms in Brittany and in some others means Overcrowded areas… Use of antibiotics in food… Pol’s experience is that breeding area stinks a lot, pigs have to swallow a kind of “pap” … the same way and in consequence, pig waste odors seriously becomes unbearable most of the time, especially on hot days. Babies died because the sow is confined during nesting and farrowing phases….piglets often died because crushed under the weight of their mother.

On my way to supermarket, I met Julie, “Hi! What’s up?” Julie : “Ehmm, I lost my part-time job as medical secretary, since Doctor Jacques has retired, since then it has been impossible to find a new one… for now. But besides everything’s going fine, You got it?”  … ‘not sure, but I’m gonna try.

Rural and semi-rural regions in France have for years been blighted by the gradual but steady decline in the numbers of local doctors, notably general practitioners. Problem is now so acute in some areas, and in Paris! that it is a fortiori impossible for patients, including the seriously ill, to receive proper medical treatment. Facing the imminent loss of all remaining medical professionals, the municipal authorities are planning to fork out “million” euros in a desperate attempt to attract new doctors, even though healthcare is not their brief.

Fortunately, some local “good Souls” reacted, since they knew what had to be done in order to come up with a fair and equitable solution… but that’s no foregone conclusion!

Let us lend an ear to the tale of Jean De La Fontaine ; Paulette et le pot au lait… : Le lait tombe ; adieu veau, vache, cochon, couvée (documentary FR).   Chantons, let’s sing along together : “à la claire fontaine” m’en allant promener, J’ai trouvé l’eau si belle, Que je m’y suis baignée

On my way for picking up apples on an old apple tree in the nearby field, I met Jean, “Hi! how are you doing Jean?”  Jean: “well! as an old peasant, you know I am 83’ … well, for some time now, I’m feeling worried about all damage (we all) caused to the “Bocage” decades ago…
But besides everything’s going fine…. Hep! before you go, just Have a look around, the sun is still shining, and I can hear Birdsong… You got it?”  😉 Mmmm sacré Jean! … ‘not sure, but I’m gonna try.

Bocage ; region where the fields and meadows are enclosed by embankments on hedges or rows of trees. The Grove is an essential element of the natural heritage of the region where the fields and meadows are enclosed by embankments on hedges or rows of trees, a general program of land reparcelling operations, resulting, on the one hand, in a significant loss of biodiversity, and one thing is for certain, Embankments impact on how the water flow, natural  windbreak in an effort to better protect soil…  Lately, hedge restoration is about a major aspect of  many regions environmental policy, and  negative consequences of the physical destruction of the grove has finally been recognized, since grove plays a vital role in terms hydrological, ecological, microclimatic, landscape heritage. It is simply essential to Nature.

Chantons, let’s sing along together : “Alouette , gentille alouette…”

For Sure I, We all together can’t get it!  and definitely Sure I don’t wanna try to “get it” … as for roots of the problems,  because of such non sense, just a debacle  everywhere, anytime… all in the name of profit again and again…  are we All planned and damned in this Brave New World? since all turned upside down, all totally crazy, such ludicrous ideas from… from those who got the power for many decades; regardless of whether they are about local leaders, or the top echelons of All the governments.

On my Way… in a Brave New World

Thank you for reading, for sharing whenever possible.

Enjoy a perfect day! & We wish you and your family a restful and reflective festive season.

Bonnes fêtes à TOUS! 😉