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Welcome our Vintage French Country style. About Quirky Vintage Treasures page.

Come in and get to find fine Home Décor with French Vintage Accents. Eclectic Dining Tableware. Unique French Vintage Barware and Entertaining... Vintage hidden treasures of French Art and cultureCollectors and pickers of nice and about quirky vintage treasures made in France ; from old classical to a wide range of vintage finds, from mid century modern & Retro Kitchen housewares, we bring to you some unusual Home decor, country cottage, farmhouse tableware style, the Rarest Michel Caugant Tureens Zoomorphic figures, Quimper Pottery, Henriot HB petit breton Figural, Fouillen Keraluc Artistic potteries from Quimper. We admire Rustic home garden décor Inspiration, Genuine ceramics and porcelain café au lait bowls made in France. Original and Typical french & European goods, as bistro Barware & drinkware sourced at French fleas, local brocante markets in Brittany France.

Anyway, any kind of products available in shop, or/and brands featured in our Blog postings do represent simple items made in France offering guaranteed quality that lasts over time, because made to be durable. Nowadays, we have noticed even young people enjoy those items with a particular Personality.

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