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Quimper Pottery Henriot Wares Wall Decor

Henriot Quimper Pottery, Enjoy Henriot, Mistral Blue, Soleil Yellow, Fleuri Royal, Campagne beautiful french pieces in your Quimper Decors.

Quimper Pottery in Brittany France. such a lovely City! Any Quimper Henriot Faience pieces are fully hand painted, Nice Hand Decorated Folk Art Pottery. In stock, a wonderful addition to your dinner table, your Kitchen Home decor,  as enhanced with Wall decor Plates…


quimper oyster plate fleuri royal quimper Fleuri lidded Soup Tureen Quimper Mistral Blue Octogonal Fleuri serving platter quimper hb henriot breton couple in brown Quimper Paul Fouillen Fish Platter quimper white blue Royal lily

A largest collection of Quimper HB Henriot, Breton Major Artists who collaborated with Quimper factories is available.

Another interesting French Art Pottery named Malicorne will be available in shop asap.

More coming soon in Shop!




Enjoy a Great day!  thank you for your visit:)

Feel Free to contact us, we are  happy to assist you with any questions you may have on our antique, vintage Quimper Faience products.

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Welcome Blog New Online Store

welcome to Pentyofamelie webshop

In our French Vintage e-shop: Antique, French brocante, Vintage and Collectibles items.
You will find a great choice with a typical French home decor accent, French country cottage decor, Country Chic & Shabby, Art Deco…

Various and Eclectic French Vintage Finds, plus an interesting mix of modern & vintage Treasures, Rustic Vintage Enamelware, Retro kitchenware  such as coffee bowls, serving dishes, antique plates, kitchen canisters from Renowned french brands; Gien, Poet Laval, Digoin, Vallauris, Longchamp Pottery, Delft Blue, Villeroy Boch, Salins France, Sarreguemines, Orchies, Fine Limoges Porcelain, Moustiers decor, Revol, St Clement, Arcopal, Badonviller, Michel Caugant, Quimper Henriot HB, Fouillen, Keraluc, petit breton... vintage trinkets, ceramics and porcelain, french bistro jugs and ashtrays ; all perfect for a cottage chic Kitchen home decor Inspiration. From early 20th to 1990s.

Welcome to Our Online Shop

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Vintage Retro Home French Accents Ideas

gorgeous French Country Decor ideas around kitchen corner

Looking for Kitchen Home décor Collectibles Ideas and Inspirations, with Home French accents ideas in mind?

We can help you find your “niche” in a quick manner. We will guide you in the discovery of Authentic vintage homewares & French brocante sources. All items dating from early 20th, mid century, vintage and Retro Eras. Plus a Mix with a contemporary character.

farmhouse Country Kitchen Home with Typical French accents
French Rustic Kitchen Home décor inspiration

Let us know the way you Dream your Home Décor, or the way your customers dream their Rooms with a French Touch. Sure, you have the Idea!:) Just describe accurately your kitchen & home décor ideas in detail.

Contact us

We are here to Help and will get back to you shortly to let you know about relevant items or similar depending on your criterias. Get pictures or a short movie :), accurate items descriptions, web links to our selling venue(s).

Here is a snapshot view of a very few Treasures from our larger Collection.


Thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to hearing from your “Love affair” with French Inspired Decor 🙂

Enjoy a great day! à bientôt. Solveig

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Get to know The Wild West of Brittany

Four bretonnes in costumes walking in the sea

Here is a small sample of interesting Stories from Tour visits of interest in Brittany France.

Brittany’s countryside is pretty Wild, beautiful, with a touch of mystery 🙂 You are bumping everywhere into cairns, calvaries and chapels erected by Celtics and early Christians. The land is covered with moors, brooms and sharp gorse. There are beautiful wild streams. The coastal rivers have long estuaries deeply penetrating the earth in sorts of very scenic fjords. ( Wow, that Sounds terrific! and very well said!)
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