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The Dutch Delftware Blue Delfts Blauw

There were 33 factories in Delft. Of all of these factories, the only one remaining today is Royal Delft.

Since late 16th, Delft Blue was designed to cope with Famous white and blue Chinese porcelain. The Delftware potters preferred to call their earthenware “porcelain”, it was only a “cheaper” version of the real Chinese porcelain. Delft Pottery made of Dutch composite clays that were coated with a tin glaze after it was fired.

vintage Delft Blue Pottery Delfts Blauw Holland

Delft blue pottery is still painted entirely by hand according to centuries-old traditions. Designs are inspired by the Chinese porcelain from the Ming and Kang Hsi dynasties. Typical Dutch land and seascapes start to appear from the beginning of the 17th century.

Did you know?

One of the maritime trade routes passed through the Spanish island of Mallorca, from which the name “Maiolica” developed for a certain type of glazed pottery. Decorated in colours on a white background, either depicting historical or mythical scenes.

Delft Blue Pottery Collection

Authentic Delftware ; The original Delft Pottery De Delftse Pauw (The Delft Peacock) from the 17th century located in the north of the city Delft on the Delftweg.

All Royal Delft products from De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles are fully handpainted which makes it the most wanted brand for collectors and connoisseurs.

The chemical and physical reaction between clay, “engobe”, paint and glaze at that temperature is what creates the typical Delft Blue color.

Delft Blue Earthenware: The world famous Delftware inspired by Chinese motives has for centuries been completely hand painted. Refined flower, leaf and vines motifs interspersed with ornamental birds or typical Dutch landscapes and seascapes are still the subjects of the painting of the pottery of the “Royal Delft” as it was in the 17th century.

Vintage Delft Blue Pottery mugs jugs vases

Polychrome is the name for the Royal Delft pottery of the Porcelain Bottle whose primary colors are formed by blue, yellow, green and red. The origin of these “Majolika” colors were already in use in the 17th century. The knowledge about the application of these colors came from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

Between 1600 and 1800, Delft was one of the most important pottery producers in Europe. The Delft Blue pottery was immensely popular, and was collected by rich families throughout the world… Nowadays, the renewed interest in Delft Pottery still alive.

Featuring beautiful Windmills, fishing boats and other typical Dutch icons, Delft Blue tiles… Various pretty designed Wall plates, Vases, Jugs and Bowls, Dishes, Shoes, Figurines, Boxes, Candle holders, Tulip Vases, Clocks, Tiles and Frames Tiles are available.

a treasured piece of Delftware? make sure that it bears the hand painted “Delfts Blauw” brand name as a sign of its authenticity.

Please note: All Delft Blue Items pictured above are ours. Delft Blue and Delfts Blauw pottery available for sale asap, and on request. Delft Wall Clock in shop soon.

Please feel free to ask! Contact us.

and… for sure! “Van het concert des levens krijgt niemand een program” 🙂

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Mireille Darc The Blonde & Feline

Mireille Darc wearing demure high-necked black-velvet dress

A French model, Actress… but not only (1938-2017).

When a Heart Murmur…

She had a troubled childhood and wrote her memoirs published in 2008 “mon père” (my father) related to a “traumatic” story with her “father”.

A nice Filmography career, since 1960 until 1989 and about 50 movies.

She is not a real Blonde. She preferred going Blonde! And she did well! 🙂

An exclusive Actress acting various roles mainly Comedy, many directed by the Talented Georges Lautner, Gilles Grangier, Michel Audiard, … That particular band of buddies did welcome and considered Mireille Darc as another Mate of the band, in a world mostly ruled by Nice guys though :), Indeed, they did not see her as just another “blond actress” with a perfect body… However in some movies, she had to play nude scenes, and for sure everyone on set was a bit … “confused” 😉

Mireille Darc

Yes,  Mireille Darc is about A Beauty … When Appeal takes inner and outer Beauty…

beautiful Lady Mireille Darc

Did you know?

She starred in “The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe”. She wore an awesome demure high-necked black-velvet dress designed by her friend Guy Laroche, as we can see on picture below, she turned around and showed that the dress is backless, displaying discreet buttock cleavage! Pierre Richard was not informed of the filming sequence details. He had to open a door and joined Christine in her apartment… and?

Oh surprise! No comment…  except:  “wooffoooff”  lol

Mireille Darc wearing demure high-necked black-velvet dress

A clip of the famous sequence here : (in French version)

Through 1980s, her career was interrupted by open-heart surgery following a car accident, in which she was seriously injured, and her separation from Alain Delon after fifteen years together. She quit her film career, but returned to television in the 1990s. … her Heart.

A fantastic comeback bringing together Mireille and Alain:), performing at Theater the Fabulous  “The Bridges of Madison County” on 2007.

Mireille Darc and Alain Delon

The Documentaries, another great talent, she directed no less than 13 TV documentaries.

In 1992, she directed her first TV documentary about “la deuxième vie” (a new life began), based on organ donation and transplantation.

Then, in 1994, “brève rencontre” (brief meeting) telling background of prostitutes lifestyle.

Two years later, another documentary about cancer ; “le doute et l’espérance” (from Doubt to Hope). Later, about women released from prison “de l’ombre à la lumière” (Out of the Shadows at Last).

In 2005, an extraordinary doc about women acting in porno movies. “une vie classée X” ( a way out of porn Industry)

In 2015, about “Elles sont des dizaines de milliers sans abri!” … tens of thousands women left homeless!

She said : “J’ai fréquenté la mort, je l’ai vue. Je connais presque son odeur” meaning  “Death? death is familiar to me,  never been so close to, I know what it feels like”.

All her documentaries go straight to the heart. Yeaah to the heart… and left you “breathless”, such she was Talented filming people, real life stories in a pure state, with a straight talking too.

Many in the Media should be learning from her Experience, so that we will probably be pleased to watch more documentaries on French TV… well in my opinion.

Last:) Mireille was not only a Beauty, or great sense of humour but also a clever woman, humble, compassionate and full of loving kindness. It is no wonder that we are Loving and admiring her.

 Documentaries made her enhance Life and enables her to grow Humanly.

Decorations: Officer of the Legion of Honour and Commander of the National Order of Merit.

Rest in Peace Dear Madame Mireille Aigroz.

Mireille Darc in 2015

That’s all for now!:)

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Welcome 12 Off on Entire Shop

Hello, we are here to help to find your French Style. Do not hesitate to ask further information on products available yet in shop or regarding French antique & vintage Renowned brands availability. Here is a brief list of Genuine French Antique Trademarked Potteries we have *in stock, as Gien, Digoin, Vallauris, Sarreguemines, Moustiers, Quimper Henriot, Keraluc, Fouillen, Malicorne, Arcopal, Badonviller, Michel Caugant, Poet Laval, Orchies Moulin des Loups, St Amand, St Clement, Various Fine Porcelain of Limoges…and also European Brands from Holland, England, Portugal. Etc

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Arctomys French Tour Dates Cancelled

Marmots Rap band on Tour

Cancel 2017 Tour Dates Due To …

and the Bands played on

Oh my! 🙁

Here are some Bands 😉 we also enjoy a lot over here.

They simply brightened! our evenings for about two following years. Yes they did!… No matter what they play, what they dance, each popular style of Music they play is so sweet.

No matter either Classical, Rasta Reggae, or Peruvian, Beatles hair style, or Gypsy style, Mexican Mariachi, Vahine Tahiti dance, Daft Punk or Rap Music, Hard Rock style…

They ROCK!!!

Thanks to “Dream On” Agency, and their talented Creators. Those fabulous idents appeared on screen for the public channel France 3, two following years, by summer and holiday seasons.

As a Friendly animal, and as a bit influenced by the awesome “Groundhog Day” movie 😉 creators adopted Marmots.

They asked “Mikros Image” post-production company to model and  texture these Nice “MarmoToons”. They just did…very Well 🙂

Did you know? ;-P

France 3 TV mail service received many Mail letters from a large audience, a few people asking whether Marmots were “well treated”, well cared!

Oh my! roflol  & Truly Love this…


Now the idea is that We ALL miss Our “Marmotoons” 😉

I must admit I usually don’t watch TV, except for some Good movies, but! During summer & holiday season, We had a daily appointment with those Lovelies, Sweeties, Gorgeous…  And it was worth of it!

the best Hard Rock Band :P
my Favourite Band I confess…

“Siouplait”!  Please Give us back our Marmots! Keep Them Alive! Just because they make us feel good… we Love Them All.

and they really performed Live here:  . Mmmm.

That’s all for now!:)

Thank you for reading and sharing whenever possible. Enjoy a great day All & don’t forget to Rock’n’Roll! …your way:-) ❤️

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French Arcopal Tableware since 1958

Since 1958. This French tableware brand ever pleased all its consumers. All over the world, Opal also refers to Arcopal due to its strength and durability for nearly 60 years yet.

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1970s French Arcopal tableware vintage collection
Several Arcopal items are available. something above caught your eye? Contact us for details

70’s Arcopal Orange Lotus Jug & Floral Pitcher

french vintage set of Two arcopal jugs. Lovely Milk jug retro design orange with brown flowers, with One white milkglass pitcher pretty floral design with large bright flower transfer in oranges and red typical of the period. lovely condition both – measurements: PITCHER: H : 18,7 cm 7.4″ diam : 11.5 cm 4.5″ MILK Glass JUG: tall: 5.11 ” (13 cm) Diam: 3.54 ” (9 cm) over 1 kilo once packed. price: 31€ – shipping costs: 24.20€ – condition: Nice condition both. – Note: make sure you read "Terms and Conditions".


Arcopal Zodiac Sign Retro Milkglass Coffee Tea Mugs

Listing is for TWO mugs. please specify the two astrological signs you wish. (contact us) Available signs : Sagittarius (2 ), Aries (2 ), leo (2 ) Cancer (3 ), Scorpio (3 ), capricorn (3 ), Pisces, virgo, Libra, Taurus, Aquarius. Gemini is missing currently. measurements: H: 9 cm/ 3.54″ Diameter: 8 cm/ 3.14″ ONE pair is 554g – Price: 22 € shipping costs: 17.52€ - Condition: Good – Note: make sure you read “Terms and Conditions” before ordering.


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