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French Cheese Deli Meats Red Wine Tasting

French Cheese Deli Meats Red Wine Tasting

Welcome Autumn/Winter seasons. A good opportunity to sample specialties made of various yummy Cheeses, Mixed cold cuts, White or Red wines that pair with. When French Cheese Deli Meats Red Wine Tasting 🙂

How about French Vintage Cheese serving plates, trays and platters?

French vintage Cheese Plates and platters

French vintage handled Trays cheese boards

Perfect with cooked pork meats, Mixed cold cuts…

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Happy Hour Lets have a Party

Happy Hour Lets have a Party

Fall is back. Back to school… Relax and enjoy your weekends with family and friends. Happy Hour Lets have a Party.

Happy Hour about to start… in shop

How about vintage collectible European Tankards, Mugs, Steins for Beer Drinkers?



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Many French Beer mugs, lidded steins available. Something above caught your eye? Contact us for details and more photos.

Beer mugs and Lidded Steins

About ordering: all French Beer mugs, lidded steins, tankards pictured above are for sale, as a set or sold individually.  More descriptions, condition, size, photos on Request
Find out French and German lidded steins in Shop Barware Drinkware,

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Enjoy a perfect weekend.

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Paris Les Halles Perfect Food Market

Paris Les Halles Perfect Food Market

Paris Les Halles Perfect Food Market. Originally dating of 12th century where it stayed for over 8 centuries until the move to Rungis on 1969. Fantastic food market place.

For many years, the Halles Market was Full of fruits and vegetables coming from vegetables producers based around Paris. Many producers arrived with their horse carriage loaded with good products. Then, several kind of productions were provided by producers based from the four corners of France ; as Breton and norman butters, provincial peaches, various and yummy cheeses…

famous paris les halles food market antique etched print
antique scene of the halles de Paris

Daily Life at the Halles of Paris was considered as an active merchant place, a precious neighborhood life for so many people, a mutual knowledge of everybody within the community.

The well known Emile Zola depicted daily life at Les Halles of Paris in the 19th century. Rich and Poor people met daily at the Halles.

Did you know?

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