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Breakfast Ready Please Help Yourself

french large cafe au lait bowls multicoloured

Good Morning! Wake up to a Gourmet French breakfast! Here is a fine selection of french vintage café au lait bowls. so, Breakfast Ready Please Help Yourself! Gorgeous large, Medium, Small Coffee, Soup, Cereal, Hot Chocolate Bols, made of stoneware, Limoges porcelain, faience with a nice hand painted, transfer ware pattern…Plus other Nice Decorative Objects displayed.

I wake up around 6:30. After having a French petit déjeuner including Multifruit Juice, some seasonal fruits, bread or buckwheat cakes with homemade Raspberries Jam, a large cafe au lait bowl filled of coffee black though, then, I usually check if my nearest neighbors; rabbits, chickens, hens, Birds need water or feed… Then, I have a walk with my Dear Wire Fox Terrier.

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As Collectors for many years, Flea markets enthusiasts, we have been adding many various french vintage coffee bowls to our own collection.

here is a glimpse of our finds:

Vtg Quimper Pottery Henriot HB Breakfast Collection

How about Quimper Potteries? Antique, Vintage Henriot, HB, Keraluc cafe au lait Personalized Breton Lug bowls, or “Parisian” Large Bols, also ideal for cereal, soup or ice cream serving. Typical Fleuri Royal, Petit Breton motif inside.

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Color of the Year Shade of Green

Green The vibrant color of the year

Color of the Year Shade of Green is an energetic color that’d better suited for a room where there’s activity, that matches as well with neutral-colored furniture, works good with beiges, off-whites, grays. or add a retro vibe, pair it with Orange from 1970s.

Greens color ever been revitalizing and symbolic of new beginnings which means Nature; bringing its best into the home.

Getting us to think about the beauty of gardens and lush forests. Sure, Colors bring up all kinds of feelings.

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how about nice Vintage shade of green in your kitchen, Dining Living Rooms :

 Greenery Infos and Product quote

Link to products:

Authentic Fish Dish Sarreguemines Emerald Green

vintage French Emerald Green Doe sculpture by Bonome available soon and on request

Vintage Forest Green vase with Large spring colorful Yellow Red Off White flowers by Poet Laval  available soon and on request

Majolica Champagne Olive Green Bottle shaped Dish

Antique English Green and white Ironstone Indented Rectangular Dish available soon and on request

Barbotine Duck Pouring Jug in Green with Envy with Honey Yellow colors by Whats Pottery

Fish Plates Emerald Green Seafood Set

Vintage St Clement Emerald Green Baby elephant moneybox available soon and on request

Large scotch J and B whisky Stem Green ceramic ashtray available soon and on request

French Vintage Celtic Green J&B whisky ceramic Ashtray + Water Pitcher set  available soon and on request

More Greenery coming in Shop! Items above in shop soon

Enjoy a Great day!  thank you for your visit:)

Feel Free to contact us, we are  happy to assist you with any questions you may have on our vintage vibrant palette of Greenery.


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Quimper Pottery Henriot Wares Wall Decor

Henriot Quimper Pottery, Enjoy Henriot, Mistral Blue, Soleil Yellow, Fleuri Royal, Campagne beautiful french pieces in your Quimper Decors.

Quimper Pottery Henriot Wares Wall Decor in Brittany France. such a lovely City! Any Quimper Henriot Wares pieces are fully hand painted, Nice Hand Decorated Folk Art Pottery. In stock, a wonderful addition to your dinner table, your Kitchen Home decor,  as enhanced with Wall decor Plates…

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quimper oyster plate fleuri royal quimper Fleuri lidded Soup Tureen Quimper Mistral Blue Octogonal Fleuri serving platter quimper hb henriot breton couple in brown Quimper Paul Fouillen Fish Platter quimper white blue Royal lily







A largest collection of Quimper Pottery HB Henriot, Breton Major Artists who collaborated with Quimper factories is available.

Another interesting French Art Pottery named Malicorne is available on request.

More coming soon in Shop!

Enjoy a Great day!  thank you for your visit:)

Feel Free to contact us, we are  happy to assist you with any questions you may have on our antique, vintage Quimper Faience products.

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Breton Galettes Duchess Anne de Bretagne

Bretonne making delicious galettes

Part 1 : HISTORY

Crêpe is derived from the Latin crispus meaning “curled”. Crêpes originated from Brittany, West region of France. Crêpes were originally called Galettes, meaning flat cakes.

Around the 12th century, buckwheat ; Sarrasin was introduced in Brittany and came from Asia via the Crusaders during the 12th century. Buckwheat thrived on the desolate and rocky Breton moors and is called “sarrasin” or “blé noir” (black wheat) due to the dark specs that are often found in it. It is high in fiber and is an excellent plant source of easily digestive protein and contains all eight essential amino acids. Another benefit is that it is gluten free.

Breton galettes were  invented by a particular “Chef Cook”, in the person of The Duchess Anne de Bretagne since early 16th century. As she knew of the fast and natural growth about this Cereal called Sarrasin ; also known as “ the Plant of 100 days growth” , she decided to sow the precious seeds across the Duchy of Brittany. That is the reason why, from that time, the “galette au blé noir” was born and became a Breton speciality.

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QUIMPER Faience Made of Fire and Earth

From Daily Life Objects to Art Objects, Welcome QUIMPER Faience Made of Fire and Earth

For over Three centuries, production of earthenware, Faience in Locmaria neighborhood located in Quimper, made known in all over the world the name of Brittany and Quimper. You probably know a lot about Quimper faïencerie. In this article, you may learn a bit more, that is my focus.

Quimper Henriot Art Faience Factory… some times ago:)

Who started the Initiative?

Brilliant Artists and turners as Messieurs Bousquet, Bellevaux, Caussy, Dumaine, Eloury, Porquet and Henriot are behind the project.

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Miss Brittany contest Winner is Bélon Flat Oyster

Brittany is a cultural region in the north-west of France and provides nearly 60,000 tons of oysters which is nearly 50% of the French oyster production.

Almost all of the flat oyster in France – 2,000 tons produced in Brittany, including the famous Belon (Huître plate de Bélon ; Ostrea edulis) oysters and Cancale; a High symbol of the local gastronomy. The Breton oyster, flat or hollow, besides its gastronomic value, is especially rich in elements which sustain good health. Oyster per 100 grams contains: 400% of the daily requirement in vitamin B12, 70% of the iodine and iron we need every day, 75% of vitamin A, 50% vitamin D etc … and this for only 70 calories per 100 grams. healthy diet, as well as being an excellent ingredient for high-class gastronomy Gourmets.

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