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Vtg Ashtray Sets French Bistro Ads

Christmas New Year just around the corner. Hard To find French Vintage Advertising ashtrays, perfect for Holiday period Gift Ideas.

A nice collection of Colorful vintage smoking Advertising ashtrays made in France, featuring the famous LOTO or Loterie National; National Lottery.

Also usually used as pickle dishes, storage trays!:).  Produced by St Clement and Gien Potteries.

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Another selection of various vintage Ad ashtrays, in faience, in porcelain made in France. Beer Ads, Cognac, Cusenier liquor, the well known Byrrh, as aromatised wine-based apéritif, Eva fruit juice.

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Another mix of pretty of vintage Advertising ashtrays. Porcelain, ceramic, small Beer Fisher amber glass, blue glass for “Gitanes” cigarettes, Martini Opalex, very nice deep green “J&B whisky” ashtray & water jug, plus plastic platter included. Famous Suze in yellow/red,  porcelain by Orchies moulin des loups. French Red wine “Santa Rosa” Ads for the large straw yellow ceramic Horseshoe ashtray. And various Barware sets; bottle openers, vine corkscrews…

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Such another lovely collection of vintage smoking ashtrays in large, medium sizes and various shapes. Porcelain, ceramic, faience ashtrays made in France. Well known Brands as Ricard, Grant’s, St Raphael, Cognac Bisquit and Martel, Champagne Abel Lepitre, “Gauloises” cigarettes. Last, Perrier!:)

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large and quite scarce Vintage French smoking ad ashtrays. French Beer Kronenbourg ceramic wooden barrel motif, in toffee color, Guinness ashtray in black with golden accents, Vermouth white ceramic, William Lawson’s whiskey in vibrant green. last, a rare ceramic ashtray featuring:) a domestic dispute, as an advertising for Moulin des Loups housewares Company 🙂

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About ordering: all items pictured above are for sale, as a set or sold individuallyMore descriptions, condition, size, photos on Request.
we can list item(s) on post using Online payments secured by PayPal. Once you click on button, you are directed to PayPal secured pages.
we can list item(s) in Shop, and will notify link to via email.

Please NOTE: Due to peak activity times during Holiday season;
Residents Outside Europe, any orders placed after November 30th will be shipped on January 2, 2018.

European Residents: any orders placed after December 9th will be shipped on January 2, 2018.

Other French vintage smoking ashtrays also available. Something above caught your eye? Contact us for details and more photos.

Coming Soon! showing up gorgeous & various Pitchers, Jugs …

We are here to Help! Please feel free to contact us.

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Barware French Bistro Retro Lifestyle 1950s

vintage french bistro cocktail party, drinkware retro glassware

The right place for connecting people, we can observe this in french “bistrots” ; in Paris café, french bar, troquet, estaminets which are the common “names” in France…

What french people think and tell about their local bistro ?

here is an article written by a french reporter pointing out a basic philosophy about café, bistro interest for people in general:

” Heart of the popular public sphere where made and unmade reputations,Tavern, cafe and bistro welcome, for centuries, dreams and despair occasional tribunes of the speech “bar talk”. A Place where we chat, where we observe, where one expects her beloved or end the day, where we write or just a place where one is home to read, place where one becomes intoxicated liver or caffeinated exciting by “intravenous”, the boozer is the haven deceleration constantly overheated companies …(?)
In bistro we talk about everything and nothing. For a long time, and until the 1970s, the bistro or café is the place where national information flows. Today is, in the cafe of the village or neighborhood, place where we learn the gossip, well neighborhood life, village life…”

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